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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bills Bills Bills

I know lonely and sad when I see it. Its 0152 in the morning. the girls have all gone to bed and switched off the lights, am writing the blog in the dark using the light from my phone as a guide when i need to see the keys on the key board. how low can one get, I really need to get a life. speaking of which at the moment mine is pretty non existent or I wish it was anyway, have bills loads of bills been letting them slide thinking they will go away, but if you have ever had dealings with the debt collectors you willl know they are the sort that never go anyway infact the dude will even camp at your door step the whole day or even three depending on where you have told your partner to pretend you have gone. The dude goes 'have you got anything of value? ' as if I would freely give him that information like yeah I have got a sony xiao laptop plus a state of the art surround system not to mention the 50 inch sony plasma with HDTV I recently just bought.
yes I have recently bought one of them 50inch what nots. i know a person with such bad debt has no business shelling out 1500 quid on them non essentials but in my defense I had a really good reason for buying it, it was literally the difference between life and death for me. was very depressed having recieved three maybe six of them final notice letters as if I would finally pay up, (you wonder what types of idiots work for those credit collection departments.) why in the world if I have managed to ignore the first notice, the second, the third and the not so polite forth notice would they think that by changing the number from 3 to final i would suddenly do the right thing (actually the unthinkable thing in my case ) and pay up?
okay i was very depressed and suicidal thoughts roaming in my mind. not that I was thinking of killing myself but it helps get you really depressed, anyway i then passed this electrical shop and thought what a good way to know what forget it if you really want to know I just saw the damn thing, liked it and bought it, so you can shove that up the debt collectors bottom when you see him cause final notice or final final final notice I aint paying up!!!!!


Anonymous said...

....indulging, is sometimes satisfying. Let him without indulgence cast the first rock.