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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why I should join Alcoholics R Us ............

I have done so many things these past two weeks that I ought not to, that its a miracle that the good Lord has not struck me with lightening in disgust (and no this is not a laughing out loud matter either) anyway this Cinderella lost her glass slipper but the not so careful Prince Charming in his haste to run after her, tripped, fell and broke the damn slipper (unfortunately the fairy godmother forgot to give our Cindy an instruction manual on what happens in such a situation and until she does.....)well thats a story for another day. As promised I have posted the results of my alcaholic anon quiz. But i was still quite drunk when i took it so my answers are probably seriously flawed.

This simple quiz may help you answer the question, “Am I an alcoholic?” Give yourself one point for each “yes” answer.

Should you worry about your drinking problem only when you get hospitalised with liver disease?
No. definitely not. You should start worrying when you can no longer make it to the bathroom in time or when the hangover hurts so bad you call in sick for work and it's made you so stupid you use "something escaped at the zoo so I had to help catch it" as an excuse again.

3.Have you ever ordered alcohol with lunch?
Definitely not!!!!!!!!!!! But I have ordered alcohol instead of lunch. (No)

4. At your neighbourhood bar: Do they know you by the name on your licence/fake ID, know your usual drink and who to call when you pass out?
I don't have a 'usual' drink, the usual changes according to the time of the month (in relation to pay day), how broke I am or who is paying so the answer is NO.

5. You generally hang out with drinkers you met at a pub, sellers at wine and liquor stores or have bartenders and waitresses as your friends?
Okay this is stupid who at 26 'still hangs out'? I socialise, I 'entertain' and I have a tete a tate's but i do not hang out, that's for teenagers. So NO

6.Given a choice you would rather never ever drink water mixed with worms than a drink containing more than 40% alcohol?
Actually I would rather drink the worm infested water provided the worms are germs and they are actually invisible to the naked eye, or better still I would rather drink the worm infested water mixed with 40% alcohol so NO I do not choose the alcohol over the worms I would rather have both.

9. You've learned to act sober even when you are gone with the wind
no when I'm gone with the wind (drunk) I act like I'm gone with the wind. trying to act sober requires too much effort which i could really put towards getting even wasted so the answer again is no.

7. You are comfortable sitting alone and drinking whether at home or the pub especially when you are really depressed ?
No. I never drink alone because I'm too stingy to buy my own round, and technically in a pub you can never drink alone, coz there will be other drinkers even though they are not sat at your table. So NO

8. You drink all week and take a day off to recuperate
No i never drink all week but i can drink in one day what one is supposed to drink in a week (i drink a week's alcohol allowance in a day then take the whole week to recuperate but that was not the question was it , so NO

10. Can you drive better drunk than you can sober ?
Well I have never entered a do you drive better drunk or sober contest to check my driving skills so I could not accurately answer this question. However I have never had an accident driving sober or drunk so using simple logic this would indicate that my driving skills either when drunk or sober are similar so NO.

11.Every morning you wake up with a curiosity of the night before and a headache
No not every morning, who wakes up with a headache every morning? surely you would have gone to see your GP ages ago or be registered disabled by now and besides I wake up not wanting to remember the previous night instead of being curious about it so the answer is NO.

12. You drink whenever you can but will occasionally decide that a sober night with your honey might be cool ?
This question is irrelevant because I do not have a 'honey' (yuck ). so i would have to answer NO

14. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
My home life is unhappy for a variety of reasons none of which include drinking. In actual fact drinking makes my home life actually seem less unhappy so the answer is NO. (PS: what do you mean home life though?, if you live alone with your three cats does that still constitute a home life?)

15. Is drinking affecting your reputation?
NO for that to happen I would need to have a reputation in the first instance. I was born without a reputation or have completely tarnished it into non existence, So the answer is NO

16. Do you wish people would mind their own business about your drinking — stop telling you what to do?
NO I really wish people would mind their own business ALL the time and not just in relation to my drinking. in fact I wouldnt mind them being all up in my drinking bizz if that meant they would stay out of my other work/home/lifestyle/and work related bizzness. So the answer is NO.

17. Do you sometimes “skip” breakfast or lunch so that you’ll have more money to spend on drinks?
NO I earn enough to be able to have breakfast and lunch and then go out for drinks too so the answer is NO

18. In arguments, do people quickly concede your point rather than risk having to deal with you when you’ve gotten overexcited?
They concede my points because my points make sense, and I'm convincing, besides until I have the stamina of Mike Tyson I would never be confident enough to try and attempt to 'deal with' people so the answer is NO.

19. You are always drunk and can no longer handle your drink?
NO I can definitely handle my drink. To illustrate this point more clearly last night I had --- bottles of Asti and my sober aunt told me this morning "you didn't seem drunk at ALL." So the answer is NO.

20. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don't mean to?
I always get drunk on purpose. so again NO.

21.Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of your drinking?
Please refer to question 17, but in case you need further clarification, No i was already in financial difficulties way before I started drinking. Also when I have drunk all my money nearly to the point of getting into financial difficulties I am wise enough to put away my wallet and blag rounds of friends or stupid male losers who actually think i will end up going home with them that night. So the answer is NO.

22. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when drinking?
LOL I wish I could answer yes to this one coz it would be funny if my friends who happen to be my drinking companions read this. But what do you mean lower companions? is this like people poorer than me? in less well to do jobs? or is it a politically correct term to refer to prostitutes? The answer is still no, I am definitely open and adventurous when it comes to sexing and willing to try anything (well almost) but I'm yet to visit a gigolo (maybe I'm jus stingy and have been managing to get sex for free so far so why start paying?) so again NO.

23.Does your drinking make you careless of your family's welfare?
No I would never put my friends and family through risks they are not willing to take. If I'm going to drive with my toes when drunk, or if its at 145miles an hour I will ask if they are willing to be in the car and will carry out a thorough risk assessment before hand (i.e ask if they are wearing their seat belts) so the answer is no. However I have nearly burnt the house down once but the family were away on vacation hence it doesn't count as their welfare was not present for me to be careless about. So NO.

24.Do you crave a drink at a definite time daily?
If everyday at exactly 12:34pm you craved a drink that would be pretty weird wouldn't it? I have occasionally craved a drink everyday but sometimes at 12pm sometimes at 8pm sometimes at 3am and sometimes at 7:30am. I'm yet to crave a drink everyday at the same time so the answer is NO.

25.Does drinking cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
No actually drinking makes me sleep better. I go out on a Friday night and sleep the whole weekend through from Saturday to Monday morning just recuperating coz i will be feeling like shyt so NO i do not have difficulty sleeping after i drink.

26. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?
I do not understand this question but will endeavour our to answer it as well as I can. I have never been energy efficient,I don't recycle and I always dry my clothes in the drier so no my energy efficiency has not decreased. If you mean efficiency at work you best asking my manager but in imho(in my honest opinion) I have never been efficient at my work, the only thing that stops me being fired is my lecherous boss. So the answer is NO

27. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of your drinking?
Now this is just ridiculous how would i know I have had a complete memory loss if i had a complete memory loss? seriously ARE YOU DRUNK????? But just for the record I have had a partial memory loss like forgot where my house was but get the street right so NO i have never experienced complete memory loss.

28. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?
No never, I have never had an illness called 'drinking' is that similar to the flu? So again NO.

29. You are definitely worried about your drinking as a result of this quiz?
Definitely not. If anything I'm more confident and sure of my drinking capabilities and will carry on as before, so NO.

30. Have you ever been in a hospital or institution on account of drinking?
What do you mean institution? Is this college or university or you mean like mental institution? Well I got news for you, if its the latter they would have to catch me first!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been in a hospital but not because I was drinking. I have been in a hospital because someone who was drinking whacked a glass bottle over my friend and i was the unfortunate b**st*rd who had gone out with her and there was no one else in the vicinity so i couldn't leave her bleeding self lying on the damn concrete could I? So yes I have been in a hospital on account of drinking but just not my own. Yes

Scoreboards *

If you have 0- 1 it is relatively safe for u to be heading towards the drinks cabinet,
2-3 watch that drink buddy and joining the gym to get rid of that beer belly/gut/love handles/stretchmarks wont hurt!!
4-5 You are most likely to be an alcoholic, if this diagnosis is inaccurate you were probably one in your previous life.
6 -10 yes and above, please join your nearest AA meeting immediately.
10 and above, i would have suggested you slit your wrists but that would be classed as inciting someone to commit suicide which is a federal offence and I'm unwilling to go to prison on your account. Enough said.

My Score
Hippee 1 yes and 29 NO's. so its confirmed, contrary to what my mum, pastor, doctor and everyone else who knows me thinks, I Miss DM am definitely NOT an alcoholic!!!!! this calls for a celebration anyone care to join me at the pub to celebrate??? the first 80 rounds are on me. LOL

* the questions are real but the scoreboard is not. I would have wished you all happy new year but you've probably been wished that so many times that its beginning to do your head please just have a drink on my behalf coz im planning to spend the rest of the year stone cold sober.


Anonymous said...

buhahahahahahaha! You darling a very funny and witty. Temite raising her glass of blended maltina ad brandy ~ here is to sober cold new year. I hope this one is the last of them. We shall be buying aso ebi this year!

CurvyGurl said...

ROFL! This is hilarious! Your answers matched mine to a tee. I hope the Happy Go Lucky Bachelor reads this so he'll know I'm not libation

Funms-the rebirth said...

lol....... yay, lets go drinking now ur not an alcoholic......... so tell d story about ur Christmas and new year celebrations......

K said...

Yay you are not an alkco then huh? lol ....Let me go have a margarita to celebrate for you! Hope you had a great new years and xmas babe.

clnmike said...

I caught a 5 on this BS test.

And I you should have scored at least a two!

And yes you are Curvy Gurl!

poeticallytinted said...

I KNEW I wasn't an alcoholic. I knew it was just a conspiracy to make me look bad and get my mind off the war in Iraq!!!!!
So letsh drink to thish revo...revelation!

Afrobabe said...

Afrer I got 3 yeses I stopped the quiz....dont think the answer would have been so great...

lmao....yes, ur cinderella story is a lmao matter...

~Sirius~ said...

Your answers are friggin hilarious!

Sadly I couldn't take part in the quiz, being practically behind the wheels most times, I hardly have time to bond with liquor, maybe a few glasses a year.

But be rest assured, I will have a glass or two on your behalf ....*cheers.....and here's to a New Sober year.

IDK said...

hahaha!!! ur too much!!i dnt drink so i cdnt take this quiz...or maybe ive jus aced my first test in d new year...hmm i like dat idea betta:P as for ur happily never after story, jus blame those silly fairies:P

Jayjazzy said...

yep! def not an achololic, but wouldnt mind seeping on some gin and juice

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Temite, I will drink (water) to that toast lol

Curvygurl, ha ha ha maybe we should open our own 'non alcaholics anon' support group.

Funms, we can go as long as the drinks are on you.....Im stingy like that

K, unmentionable things happened during the holiday season lol but they were funnnnnnnnn in an unmentionable way

Clnmike, LOL maybe the title should have been 'why Clnmike should join al anon'

poeticallytinted, I will save you a seat next to mine if i get to the meeting early lol

Afrobabe, lol i for one never thought you would ace this test,

~Sirius~, I am behind the wheel all the time but i still find time to drink (well used to coz this is a sober year remember)

IDK, you dont drink? wow my parents would gladly trade me for you

Jayjazzy, first sign of an alcahol problem is denial denial denial lol

Zena said...

I won't even take this quiz and disgrace myself on blogger,

I'm a social drinker and I just taste, dats my story and I'm sticking to it

mizchif said...

One word dear...CRAZY!!! Dats what you are.
I refuse to take this quiz, and like Zena, i will claim that i am a social drinker, and yes, sitting in my living room and sipping Alize while watching TV is social.
Dats my story and i'm sticking to it!

Just...Toluwa said...

lmao! oh gosh, u got me cracking up!

doll said...

hmmm..NO NO No No No No.....happy new yr babes

Dammy said...

Now I am confused!

What if it's the other way round? Everyone else is right but you are wrong?

Don't fret. Lol! Glad ou are not an alcoholic...

Happy New year.

Tigeress said...


Laughter said...

Welllllllllllllllll i don't drink o, so dunno what to say but happy that u don't need AA for help o babes.

I will have fruit juice on your behalf babes at least that na drink too.

Shubby Doo said...

shit i said yes about 8 time...darn...fuck the AA...what is the point of going there when i sober jo...

Miss DM i like the mentality behind your rationale to some of these questions sha

happy new year darling

Shubby Doo said...

lol...Miss DM i like the mentality behind your rationale to some of these questions sha

but shit i said yes about 8 times...darn...fuck the AA meeting jare...what is the point of going there when i sober jo...

happy new year darling

Anonymous said...

Recheck your answers maybe? Lol they were too funny though.

Happy New Year (I've said it so many times too - I occasionally forget who I've already said it to...)

T x

Uzezi said...

funny. and u aint an alcoholic. not yet anyway. lol

Writefreak said...

Ah laughing out really loud!

So r you or you're not an alcoholic...

I've saved you on my bloglist now so i can always come back

K said...
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bumight said...

you're such a trip!

Happy New year babes

Tigeress said...

Hey Miss DM! U aiit? Happy new year my dear! :)

miz-cynic said...

My own interpretation of ur ans says u shd join a-anon asap

Jarrai said...

lol@lecherous boss...girl you won't get me fired i am giggling to my self in my very non-private open plan office!!

Very funny :)

Lolia said...

Happy New Year dear!

Meanwhile ahahahahahahaha @ "10 and above, i would have suggested you slit your wrists but that would be classed as inciting someone to commit suicide which is a federal offence and I'm unwilling to go to prison on your account. Enough said"

Please whoever made that questionnaire is just mean lol

badderchic said...

Congratulations! have a drink, its on me. lol

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Judging by your answers, you most definately are NOT an alcoholic! We all over-indulge during the holidays afterall! Btw, Happy New Year!!!

Good Naija Girl said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! ♥

ShonaVixen said...

hey hon,
u're the VIP /Champagne Room/Maybach 62/Ronaldo/Michael Jordan/Michelle Obama/Queen Nzinga of my blog, don't go quitting on me!!Blame it on the
*muttering - MDM gots to be faster though!!*

Buttercup said...


i gat no words for u!

Smaragd said...


hi, my name is DM and i am an alcoholic... hi DM

u smartass! u managed to find ur way around each qstn. only u would know if u are a drunk or not jo.

just keep being u...

ShonaVixen said...

Happy Belated Bday hon!!Hope you had a fab day xxx


hahaha. You are way too funny! This reminds me of a little confession I have to make about my recent vacation.

Brothers Blog said...

Yeah my answers were mostly no. I didn't even keep tally most were pretty ridiculous. I could never let myself get to that point. I have complete control over my drinking. But don't most alcoholics say that? LoL.

Alex V said...

girl I have been there. God !! but i am reminded of my mistake everytime i go to a school function!! NEver again. I take one long island!! and i am done!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Zena, betta haul your social drinking ass to Al anon asap!!!!!!!!

Mizchif, lol we should form our own Non Alcaholics Support Group

Jus....Toluwa, its not meant to be funny this is a serious diagnostic test lol

Doll, yes yes yes

Dammy, Happy New year to you too.

Laughter, you dont drink huh? Guess I will have another drink on your behalf.

Shubby, happy new year to you too, there is no rationale to it jus the honest truth.

Therapy, happy new year and for a birthday present I demand a new liver.

Uzezi, lol I'm definitely not an alcaholic

Writefreak, thanks for visiting, dont be a stranger

Bumight, heres a toast to a happy new year to you too.

Mz Cynic, girl if the test says I'm not an alcaholic then I stand by it.

Jarrai, or its my drunken stupor lol

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Lolia, ha ha ha ha its probably someone who got fired industry

Badderchic, cheers babe

NigereanDrama, Happy New Year, but I indulge the whole year and not just Christmas

GoodNaijaGirl, thanks it was one hell of an exquisite birthday

Shona, yes I demand my VIP status, mnxi what is comment no38???? I demand to be first

Buttercup, lol neither do a lot of people.

Smaragd, Girl the quiz is 100%accurate so I'm def not an alcaholic

ShonaVixen, thanks for the birthday wishes babe

Solomonsydelle, will be stalking your blog 4 that confession, you better spill the beans

Brothersblog, yeah even after 12 vodka shots, 3 wine bottles and several gin and tonics I too still have control over my drinking.

Alex V, ha ha ha ha pray do tell what happened at that luncheon.

Anonymous said...

For my birthday I demand you buy me a drink! So when do we swap gifts? Lol x