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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

His Type ..................

A player
His always been a player
Not the ‘I have a girl on the side type’ or the ‘I kissed a girl in the pub’ type
But his the ‘I’m seeing four chicks and I don’t care if they all know’ player
His the type that will buy you diamond rings or fancy cars
Then claim what you had was just a fling, what did you think it was type
He’s the type of player that would take you places, both in and out of bed ;-)
Fancy restaurants, midweek breaks to France, the type that wouldn’t think twice about an expensive cruise to the Bahamas,
Yet never take you across the road to meet his mama, his sisters or just spend time with his closest friends
His the type that will kit out your closet, in Gucci and Prada, and Balenciaga bags yet keep you firmly hidden in his closet in case one of his chicks got to know…
His the spontaneous, type the romantic type,
The no strings attached type, the type that will take you to the moon and back, plus make you laugh as you orbit through space.
His the sensual type
His the handsome type, the dishy type, the eligible bachelor, the one who would wow the crowd if he turned up at the party coz his the type that would guarantee you Halle Berry lookalike babies.
But he is also the type, that wouldn’t think twice to add another sista to his harem, or drop you like you’re hot if you ever lose your appeal, gain a few pounds or ask for commitment.
His the sensual type, the ten orgasms a night type fella,
But Im not convinced he is the type that would cry with you if your mama died or spend the night at your hospital bed.
His the type that would know all the right things to say, yet never ask after your well being or take walks in the rain in case his Gucci loafers got ruined.
For years his pursued me, for years I’ve said no
He backed off a little when YT was there, but now that he knows DM is single and there is the potential to mingle,
His brought back the battle full throttle,
With flowers and candy and a charge account at Prada
His phoned and his texted, his planned to woe me and dine me
Is it his ego that couldn’t take no for an answer
Or he means what he says; when he says I’m the one?
I must admit my flesh is tempted, it’s been February gone since my flame was last ignited
But he is also the type that you would take to the GUM clinic before you could even contemplate hitting the sack.
Yesterday his texted me, gave me a final ultimatum,
He needs to know where I stand, for ‘although he loves me’ (so he says) he cant keep hanging indefinitely…..he needs to know needs answers today…
(I bet the chase is getting too long and expensive, his wallet starting to slim down a bit, after all Prada, Balenciaga and Gucci aren’t free)
He says his ready to embrace commitment, He says he has changed, he says …..
Actually he says a lot of Bull if you ask me.
His that type
A player
The type that would perfectly take care of my short term needs,
Whilst with the force of a nuclear bomb destroy all my long term goals and leave a crater where once my heart had rested.
I’m just not ready, what with YT saga and all,
To risk my heart, to take off sprinting right in the arms of danger code red
So I texted him back an hour ago, the usual answer as always a big bold No.
I said good luck in finding the one
For whilst I could do with the attention,
The Gucci and the Prada
The 10 orgasms and the trips to the Bahamas
The wining and dining…….
His a player
His always been a player
And sadly his type
The player type
Has never been and never will be
Miss DM’s TYPE!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

not even jus a little fling? :-p
i feel you on this one babe. guys like that should come with a warning taped on their foreheads.

doll said...

well this goes against everything i believe in but i'l say go 4it. you are entitled to one adventure per lifetime

kay-shawn said...

Glad you made the right decision. Giving your heart to a player just isn't the right thing to do. Really nice post.

About your comment on my blog, you said it all and that's exactly what I'm looking for: a Chat-up line isn't a chat-up line if it doesn't crack you up a give you goose pimples. If you hear any funny one you know where you can drop it dont you?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll take part in the competition just for the fun of it.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Geisha Song, the flesh is sooooooo wiliing but the mind and the heart are sending out strong danger warning signals, I will pass, better a vibrator than this nonsense. PS Im hoping I can get another bag as a goodbye and goodluck present lol (jus kidding)

Doll, Flings are never just flings if they have the potential to have a lasting impact on your life...Ps an adventure huh? SAay if osmeone offerred u a once in a lifetime opportunity t travel to space on a spaceship. Would you take it even though you are told that the ship has a 99.99% chance of crash landing and exploding into a ball of fire?

Kay Shawn, if I made the right decision, now that the phone wont ring, the postman wont bring any surprises, Im now back to cooking my own dinners....why do i feel so sad?

archiwiz said...

Gbam!!! Shikena!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

please someone help me.......
This player be persistent oh
Not letting up a little bit despite the ultimatum
Was back on assault in full force
My resolve is weakening
Suddenely the bold NO has turned to 'will see gimme time'
Whay is this girl doing wo
Why am I letting lucifer camp in my backyard
I need the resolve to keep saying NO......

doll said...

dont mind me. I doubt its something i'l do, but just reading made me think. why must we play by rules all the time, why not just do something adventourous but then i doont even know how old u are or anything like that. so i change my mind dont go 4 it. LOL

Ms. emmotions said...

wise sayin,
u ve said it all dear,
unless u are just lookin for fun,
he definatly isnt ur type,
remain blessed gal,

Shubby Doo said...
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Shubby Doo said...

ok i know that i shouldn't say this but i went down this route...just shag head was 2 screwed up cos of my ex. there were no games with my mr player. We are still friends and i have no regrets.

if he is all about the game with you than the answer should be 'No'. Knowing you Mis DM, i think you probably made the right decision

Jinta said...

or you could 'play' with him, ignite your fire, get some more gucci and prada and jimmy choos and what not. at least you know the score

Funms said...

u made the right decision since u definitely know what u want....... never settle for less o, even tho sometimes it seems really tempting

tobenna said...

For a minute there I thought you were talking about me.....

Double sigh
I just remembered.
I'm engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world.
I think I'm supposed to shout here...... YEAH!

ibiluv said...

babe i gbadun ur stand!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Ms emmotions if only he were also the faithful 'in sickness and in health type' he would have definitely been my type, the total package and then some :-(

Shubby Doo, unfortunately im not a 'relinquisher' I cant let go easily but I become easily attached. So I could never have a shag buddy, it wouldnt work coz ultimately i would end up hooked and then that complicates things...leading to the broken heart that I would have been trying to avoid in the first instance.

Jinta I would soooooo love to ignite my fire, but put too much lighter fluid and suddenly what was meant to be a small bonfire becomes an inferno which burns the whole house to the ground (into ashes). He is too much lighter fluid........

funms, not only is he less, he is more, too much. Too much money, too much confidence, too much playing the field and too much danger...he has too little of what i need and too much of what i dont need.

Tobenna, it could still be you, being engaged to a beautiful girl would never have stopped him before, so it probably wouldnt stop him maybe just maybe it could technically still rule you in ;-)

Afronuts said...

Hmmm...thoughts....muses...depth of the mind...reaching into the abyss of extra-concievable contemplation...

Dont mind my grammar...just musing over ur muse

miz-cynic said...

lovely post. u made the right decision jare......i call pple like them olosha(literally means thief)figuratively...somone who takes all u have to give and gives very lil back in turn of himself

Lady Koko said...

i wud have prolly had a fling with him.....used him for the moment....tell myself a little bit of fun dont hurt nobody....BUT UR RIGHT...IT AINT WORTH FINDING OUT!!!!!!!

aloted said... glad he is not ur type and that you stuck to ur decision...

first time here...let me go read some more :)

Buttercup said...

im glad u did what u had to difficult as it may have been..u'll be fine sweetie!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

afronuts, you are nuts lol, my brain does not have the capacity to correctly decipher your muse.....please muse again in plain english lol

miz chic you put it succinctly olosha indeed.

lady koko, I would never go into a battle unless I knew i was stronger than my opponent, I know a few friends who went into a relationship with the sole intent of using the guy, and ended up being used themselves ten time over. but i get your point...I could have done with the designer gear.

aloted, there are times that i wavered but in the end i stuck to my closet is still not speaking to me :-)

buttercup, dont really have any energy left to enter into a relationship for the wrong reasons. I will not intentionally go around seeking a heartbreak.

rethots said...

No better strength of character than budging not in the face of agreeable & desirable temptation.